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Sketch Vector Graphics (SVG) for Android

The two following medium articles are explaining the best strategy How to export clean . svg icons with Sketch Tips for exporting vector assets from Sketch to AndroidDesign best practices for Android mobile App (with SketchApp) In a nutshell: Avoid using… more

Remove git HEAD branch

HEAD is a pointer to a commit (usually master) so when you checkout your repository the commit which HEAD points at will be checked out. Usually you'd want it if when checking out you want a different branch or tag to be checked out… more


Short summary of this really well written article:Pattern overview MVP, MVVM, and MVI are some of the common patterns in Android and they can broadly be thought of as different flavours of the same core concept — abstracting logic from the UI into… more

DIY Geiger Counter

After watching HBO's Chernobyl Series and stumbling upon this awesome article about someone building a steampunk desktop background radiation monitor I was inspired to build a radiation monitor myself. I'm aleady being using a Raspberry PI with pi-hole… more

App Development Workflow


Future Proofing Android App Team at CHECK24


DroidCon Berlin 2021

Finally a live event again. 95 tech talks, 5 simultaneously for 3 days, 1200+ Android Developers, 87 Speaker by over 50 different companies participated. Topics ranged from `new` technologies, e.g. Jetpack Compose, KMM to how to improve productivity… more

Understand Android Lifecycle Aware Coroutine Scope

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Context, Resources & You

. responsive-iframe-container … more

Android Paging without Paging 2/3 Library

. responsive-iframe-container … more

CHECK24 Profis Android Git Commits of 2022 Visualised


Orchard, Service Locator and Khan

Responsive Iframes… more