Brandfirst Patient Information

iPad Pro optimized and utilizing the iPen to draw on organs in order to explain upcoming surgery procedures to patients.

Bullyland Dinosaur Den

Exhibition iPad App

Agent Alice

Hidden Object Game

Android Device Information

App that displays all kinds of device information for your android phone, like Display, CPU, GPU, Battery, Memory, etc.

Bachelor Thesis

Drag'n Slay: a mobile multiplayer game - business model, graphics, concept and implementation.

Drag'n Slay

Mobile Mulitplayer Strategy Game.

Jelly Splash

Launched August 2013 Over 50 million players have matched colourful Jellies to create massive combos and competed with their friends!

Android Error Tracking for gh-pages

Android, Maven, Travis error tracking for gh-pages.

Diamond Dash

March 2011 Our biggest game to date, with more than 200 million players joining the 60-second gem rush.


App for looping grid aligned tones.

Doodle Drawer

Finger Painting Application.


App for the student council office at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin


Grand Theft Auto Multiplayer Graphic Engine Demo for a Multiplayer Game developed together with Tilman Börner and Tom Wallroth.

Slack'n Hay

Hack'n Slay Game for Android developed together with Tilman Börner and Tom Wallroth.


Written together with Albért Schilling.


Flash minigame to train your keyboard writting skils.

Earth Season Shader

Simple Shader for displaying seasonal changes.

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